iPhone 5! The reviews are in

Perhaps the most anticipated phone in 2012 has finally been fully revealed by Apple. Is it the best one out so far?  The iPhone 5 adds everything we wanted in the iPhone 4S: 4G LTE, a longer, larger screen, and a faster A6 processor. Plus, its top-to-bottom redesign is sharp, slim, and feather-light. We know everyone has been waiting for this review for months so lets gets to it.

The iPhone 5 completely rebuilds the iPhone on a framework of new features and design, addressing its major previous shortcomings. It’s absolutely the best iPhone to date, and it easily secures its place in the top tier of the smartphone universe. But will it compete with Samsung’s Galaxy III and Nokia’s Lumia 920?

Image                                                                                                                                                              photo credit (CNET)

Some of the the new things (hardware) the iphone 5 comes with are: improved camera, bigger screen, speakerphone and the noise-canceling quality has been tweaked. It was certainly time, APPLE had to upgrade its hardware specs! As of the new operating system iO6, it comes with a new turn-by-turn navigation system, improved Siri, and a new concept called Passbook. Passbook will allow people to store gift cards, electronic tickets, important documents etc–it will be like a wallet. For those of you thinking on buying this new phone take a look at the specs.

Here are the basic specs:

Weight: 3.95 ox (112g)

Resolution: 640 x 1136

Display Technology: IPS LCD

Battery: 9.4 days (225) stand-by time, talk time 8.00 hours

Processor: Dual core, 1000MHZ, ARM Cortex

System Memory: 1024 MB RAM

Built in Storage: 16, 32, 64

Camera: 8 megapixels

The phone market seems to have fallen 2.3% compared to this quarter with last year’s. In the graph below you can see how apple is #3 in the cell phone market share.  According to Zack Whittaker, a journalist and broadcaster, writes for ZDNet and CNET, “Research company says worldwide sales of mobile phones declined 2.3 percent in second quarter amid “challenging economic environment” and hopes for fall’s device launches.” With the launch of the new iPhone 5 it is interesting to see how things will change. What do most of you guys think? Will APPLE still continue to grow in the cell phone market? Will it continue to gain popularity in a world of strong competition?

(Credit: Gartner)

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4 responses to “iPhone 5! The reviews are in”

  1. disneyfanatic1021 says :

    Thank you for this review. I was in the process of deciding which phone to get, Iphone 5 or Iphone 4s, and this review helped a lot. I like reading your blog because it helps people like me, not so technologically advanced, learn new things.

  2. jtfremmerlid says :

    I found your review very interesting! The iphones seem to always get the most hype when it comes to new phones, that people do not realize all that is out there! Personally, I do not view the iphone 5 as being as exciting as everyone is making it! Something new always comes out, and soon the iphone 5 will be viewed as old and something newer will come out.

  3. Zara Tretyakova says :

    I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

  4. Stacie says :

    I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.

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